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rheingold salon Prozesse, rheingold salon Prozessbegleitung
rheingold salon Prozesse

rheingoldsalon provides the kind of real, depth psychological expertise and strategic skills that designing and implementing processes demands!

What good is a great idea or cutting-edge insights if they are not successfully converted into successful implementations and designs? Nowadays, the process of implementation is becoming increasingly important.

At the salon, we bundle our market research knowhow, our methods of acquiring knowledge, our analytical expertise and our tools to create a specialized crossover offering that provides you, the customer, with the maximum benefits when implementing processes.

Corporate and brand alignment
You are looking for an agency that will inspire and accompany you through implementation processes and act as a sparring partner for realignments? Well, that’s exactly what we do at rheingoldsalon.

Research and campaign development
You are looking for an independent agency that inspires, provides research expertise and possesses a sense of design and communication? That’s exactly what rheingoldsalon offers.

Implementation and facilitation
Looking for an agency that can facilitate a process involving tensions and differences of opinion? Our deep psychological background offers methods and skills that make even divergent environments productive.

Employer Branding
You’re seeking an agency with experience of enhancing your image as an employer? Times are tough and good young professional talent is hard to find. In this environment, your image as an employer is becoming increasingly important. To help you, rheingold has developed a new and unique concept.