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6 benefits for our customers

I independence and objectivity

Although somewhat of a rarity these days, we are not part of a network or linked to a larger agency. Our findings are objective, neutral and cannot be manipulated. And are sometimes ‘blatantly’ open.

II holistic and specific

We take a holistic approach and pay attention to meaning and context, providing you with specific and very detailed proposals for your communication and packaging designs.

III scientific and geared towards to practice

At rheingoldsalon research and analysis pursues a scientific approach developed at the University of Cologne. We conduct market research driven by theory and methodology, not gut feeling. Science is nevertheless translated into pragmatic, practical and comprehensible proposals.

IV analytical and comprehensive

We probe deep, examining every response in terms of its significance. And then pull it all back together in the analysis to create a context of meaning, a strategy and a clear set of findings.

V service and customer focussed

We put a strong focus on customer service. For us service is always about deliverables – whether that be advice, conducting market research or delivering other services. Self improvement is very important to us however and we are always grateful for feedback.

VI first class expertise that’s tailored to your needs

Managing directors and senior staff are involved in all the research we do. Our research team is small, employs flat hierarchies and is always able to offer the utmost expertise. What is more, our research is always tailored exactly to your needs and never off the peg.