rheingold salon Marktforschung
rheingold salon Marktforschung

rheingoldsalon delivers the kind of deep psychological and strategic expertise that drives successful design and implementation processes!

Modern business management techniques are increasingly turning to interdisciplinary expertise when it comes to realising marketing, communications and corporate alignment projects. It’s an approach that’s intended to prevent processes and implementations from becoming blocked, as often happens within classical silo structures.

That’s why, at the salon, we have bundled our market research expertise, knowledge acquisition techniques, analytical knowhow and tools to create a unique crossover offering that enables you, the customer, to achieve the maximum benefit when implementing projects. Not only that, but it’s you that decides just how and where to use our crossover expertise — which extends from facilitating workshops to project management.

Crossover expertise at the salon includes:

  • Facilitation: processes, projects and strategic reviews
  • Strategic development: marketing, communication and corporate alignment
  • Implementation: rollouts, market-entry concepts and retailer acceptance
  • Design and implementation: support for content, technology, design and layout
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