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We explore what moves and motivates people. We dig – and research – where others don’t even look. And thus decipher the secret logic of the market.

& depth psychology

  • Our foundation
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops & coaching

Our foundation

We think we are rational and reasonable beings – but most of the time we are not!
Our actions, our decisions, and our experience are often influenced by unconscious and irrational motives.

Nevertheless, our behavior and experience can be deciphered in a meaningful way and thus also influenced. Depth psychology is specialized in achieving precisely this aim.

Today, there are approaches that claim to work depth-psychologically or even morphologically. This is not always true!

Qualitative approaches differ.
An open conversation is the common ground of the approaches – but the evaluation is done on different bases:

  • Cognitive approaches look for specific motives/needs that are usually fixed and exist across all industries (such as Maslow’s pyramid of needs).
  • Linguistic approaches place special emphasis on speech analysis, including stresses, pauses and ‘ahs’ and ‘ohs’.
  • Semiotic approaches interpret signs, cross culturally and across persons
  • Some qualitative providers combine interviews with apparative methods (e.g. skin resistance measurements and eye tracking) – but sometimes they do not have theory-based evaluation approaches.

Morphological psychology:

  • always takes into account the linguists’ observations and interpretations of language,
  • deciphers codes and signs like semioticians.
  • and looks for specific, unconscious motives that are different in each industry – as opposed to cognitive psychology.


What exactly does rheingold salon mean by this unconscious? Does it exist at all?

The unconscious is not, say, a buried childhood trauma. Rather, we are unconscious of contexts of meaning and structure, of overdeterminations through culture and personal socialization, and of fields of tension that are always present within us. As humans, we can want and not want something simultaneously – such as smoking, for example. We can want to protect the climate yet still fly to a vacation destination….

The morphological approach reconstructs this tense context of connections between all measurable phenomena and statements! Thus, the unconscious, the motivational and irrational, is decoded.


Morphological psychology was developed at Cologne University by Prof. Wilhelm Salber.

If you want to find out more about morphological psychology we’d be happy to explain it concisely in short theory and methods workshop. No matter whom you work with, ask about the theory they use. Neither gut feeling nor experience are theories. And without a theory, research cannot be meaningful and high quality.

  • Our foundation
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops & coaching

In-depth interviews

The rheingold salon Interview® is more than an ordinary depth interview. Rather, it is a research journey into unconscious contexts of meaning in everyday life. With special interviewing techniques we have developed over the years, we break down simple rational justifications such as “that’s too expensive,” or “that doesn’t taste good.” We dissect such final evaluations and reconstruct their genesis. This reconstruction provides an answer to the question of “why” people experience things the way they do and “why” they behave the way they do.

The in-depth interviews also work quite well via a video call.

The rheingold salon Interviews® are followed by an intensive, theory-guided analysis conducted by our team of trained psychologists. The theory of morphological psychology with its basic assumptions developed at Cologne University by Prof. Salber is the basis for the analysis.

  • Our foundation
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops & coaching

Focus groups

rheingold salon Groups® open up a multifaceted yet compact view of the fundamental psychological dynamics of an object of investigation. We do not view our rheingold salon Groups® as a jury. Instead, likes and dislikes, rankings and ratings are understood as impressions within a larger context.

Current trends and cultural currents become more apparent and the dynamics and atmosphere of the rheingold salon Groups® are always included in the analysis.

A strategic assessment of products, media, brands, or means of communication can be carried out optimally using our rheingold salon Groups®. The length and size of the rheingold salon Groups® is custom-tailored to your study.

The minimum length of our groups is 2 hours, but we love longer explorations of 3- 4 hours as we believe extended focus groups bring together the best of both worlds: the depth of one-on-one interviews and the economy of the group.

  • Our foundation
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops & coaching

Workshops & coaching

rheingold salon workshops and coaching sessions can be booked to kick off a study, to implement the results of a study, or completely separately. Integratively or to get all of the participants in the company on board.

The primary aim is always to work out a psychological context relevant to the industry, the company, and the brand, and to develop a concrete guide for implementation.

Our psychologists and researchers moderate, design, and evaluate these intensive sessions.

In the process, the psychological view, the morphological theory, is always the basis of the workshops as well as our personal coaching.

& operational research

  • baseline research
  • operational research

baseline research

Brand image & positioning


Trend & culture research

Shopper- & retail research

Target group research & personas

Motive research

  • baseline research
  • operational research

operational research

rheingold salon Pre-Find

powered by human unlimited & rheingold salon

Pre-find instead of re-search.

Re-Search examines yesterday – and in the best case, what is happening right now.

Pre-finding, on the other hand, is directed to the future, develops purpose and future strategies based on depth-psychological research!

rheingold salon Skilling

Innovation requires resolve and implementation knowhow!

Instead, the tried and true is usually preserved for too long!

The status quo is often more tempting than innovation, because innovation disrupts the existing whole.

We need more research on skills that can be used to destroy the resistance of the status quo – with rheingold salon Skilling.

rheingold salon Irrational IndX®

Contradictions between what one wants and what one does also exist in business – yes, the mind-behavior gap is a familiar phenomenon!

The rheingold salon Irrational IndX® now enables you to identify, understand, and resolve the contradictions of your industry.

What is your company’s Irrational IndX? How can you resolve it? By means of depth psychology and pinpoint quantifications you will find the right strategy.

rheingold salon QualBus®

Fast and deep results – with the rheingold salon QualBus®.

At the beginning of each month, 5 men and 5 women answer your questions.

You can book the QualBus® on a regular or one-time basis at short notice – we generate ‘deep and dirty’ insights for you.

A translation of the results into quant items can be booked additionally.

rheingold salon CoronaCreativity

The coronavirus-propelled drive toward digitization was hardly imaginable a year ago. The coronavirus makes you creative – and so does depth-psychological research!

Now in-depth interviews can be carried out online.

Surprising in-home impressions are provided live, spontaneously, and often unprompted. Germany-wide – with no additional effort or loss of time.

Live observations are possible at any time.

rheingold salon NewNarratives

Narratives are powerful ‘human tools’ that people use to model the meaning of their actions and evaluations. Their relevance has been demonstrated in Narrative Economics studies by Nobel Prize winner R. Shiller.

Are you looking for narratives for your innovations? Do you want to break down and recast fixed images about your industry or brand?

rheingold salon will identify the most effective narratives for you – the game changers!

rheingold salon messageTuner®

Advertising communicates on different ‘levels’.

Cover Story: the rational, ‘logical’ level that is coherent and must deliver a clear brand or product message.

Impact Story: the secret psycho-logic takes up unconscious motives, supporting Verfassungs, and major social issues. Properly ‘tuned’, it makes advertising ‘big’.

The perfect interaction between the two levels is determined by the messageTuner®.

rheingold salon InnovationHub

Don’t leave innovations for products and packaging to chance – develop them systematically and depth-psychologically. And do so on different levels:

What is the next conclusive step?
Which innovation is the right one and the most promising?

What innovations are possible at all?

rheingold salon 72h

When you need to move fast. Deep dive without taking a breath.

Then rheingold salon 72h is perfect for you. We offer depth-psychological surveys and quick results so you can stay in flow.

rheingold salon CX research

How do consumers experience different touchpoints? How meaningful is the offer to them? How good is the experience online, offline, at the POS?

Our digital tools analyze and depth-psychologically examine your customers’ perception, experience, and journey at the POS.

And offline, we accompany them into stores. We observe their paths and ‘detours’, the products they need to buy and one’s they buy on a whim, the pleasure and pace of shopping.

rheingold salon De-Coding®

What is the secret meaning of ‘signs’? What do different colors, fonts, materials, shapes, and arrangements mean?

De-Coding deciphers symbolic meanings, signs, codes, and colors in products, package design, websites, and the marketing mix.

The respective assets are checked for uniqueness – and optimized for effectiveness.

rheingold salon DesignThinking & CoCreation®

Complete DesignThinking & CoCreation® processes help you further develop your products, campaigns, and design concepts.

We sit down with bright minds from your team or external experts from various disciplines in workshops and creatively rethink your ideas in conjunction with our empirical research.

Hence rheingold salon DesignThinking & CoCreation® at last develops a concept in an interactive process that directly addresses the needs of your customers.

& quantitative Forschung

rheingold salon IP-Tracking®

rheingold salon Online Diary

rheingold salon Digital Imaging®

rheingold salon Deep Quant

& strategy consulting

Almost everyone does strategy consulting. For us, strategy and positioning consulting is always based on depth-psychological insights.
Empirical-psychological based consulting, the development of a brand key and brand vision, the creation of brand manifestos and creative briefs are a pleasure for us. Joint optimization of customer appeal and customer advocacy are another part of it.
In addition, we provide psychological support for a strategic and holistic orientation for employer branding and employee satisfaction.

employer branding
& purpose

  • Employer Branding
  • Purpose

Employer Branding

Employer brands are brand personalities that have to find their special, outstanding position in the war for talents.

We will analyze your image in the eyes of potential applicants, make strategic recommendations, and explore how your company is doing in terms of employee retention.

We do international research for employers and support new positioning with our combination of depth-psychological analysis and strategic consulting to help them win sought-after employees of the future.

  • Employer Branding
  • Purpose


Purpose and CX in the same breath? With digitalization, CXM is experiencing a new hype. With Corona Purpose, it’s getting another boost. Yes, a new and further one, because neither is really new.

Or did companies not need meaning in the past? Was brand or company management ever possible without a positive customer experience? Did customers need to be satisfied less in the past? Or perhaps only once in a while, possibly at selected touchpoints? Or is it the other way around? That people are much harder to satisfy today?

As psychologists and market researchers, we not only ask these questions, but also want to understand why exactly at this point in time society and culture are intensely concerned with a certain topic. Why are CXM and purpose increasingly being addressed right now? Why is their a new hype around purpose?

& communication consulting

Depth-psychological representative studies lend themselves to bringing your concern to the public. This unique approach was implemented in our Jugendstudien für den IKW and our podcast study together with Hubert Burda Media. Building on these exciting insights, we develop a story and narrative that is suitable for the public and the media. Your company can present itself to the public with topics that you select.

& events

Jens Lönneker & Ines Imdahl will discuss interesting psychological topics at your congress, your event, or your digital event. You can choose from a variety of exciting presentations: Sustainability, Diversity, Women & Men, Purpose & CX, Narrative & Depth Psychology, Video Research, (Digital) Advertising Impact, Storytelling, Target Group Research & Constitutional Marketing, Youth Culture, and many more. Or you can let us put together an individualized presentation for you. We are looking forward to it!

rheingold salon auf der succeet21

Get to know the rheingold salon at succeet21 and don’t miss Jens Lönneker’s „Research that makes a difference: disruption and destruction skills“ on April 15, 2021 at 11:30 am! – Register for the talk here.

rheingold salon at DAIS 2021

rheingold salon at DAIS 2021! Our booth or Ines Imdahl’s talk „Why Purpose now“ on March 24, 2021 at 3:40pm! – Missed our talk? Feel free to contact us!

GEM Brand Award, Brand Dialog & Science Award

„The Brand in the New Normal“ was discussed by science & business practice at the 25th Brand Dialog. In addition, the 11th GEM Markenaward was given to Dr. Antje von Dewitz & the Science Award to Dr. Hannes Gurzki.