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Monika Schulze

“I’ve been working with Ines Imdahl and Jens Lönneker for over ten years. What has always impressed me is their professionalism coupled with their positive energy and passion. In addition, we’ve always managed to translate depth-psychological insights into action. Specific examples include the further development of ‘Du darfst’ from a ‘low fat’ brand to a ‘plus of good ingredients’, the European ‘Knorr Meal Maker’ strategy and the brand positioning of Zurich Germany together with Ines Imdahl, and the development of a mission statement for Landgard with Jens Lönneker.”

Member of Supervisory Board, Zurich Versicherung

Saskia Rosendahl

“Over the last years, Ines conducted several qualitative research studies for the FMCG brands I had the pleasure working for. I highly value and appreciate the insights Ines manages to put on the table due to her profound knowledge and capabilites. Whenever we had closed a project, all questions were answered, clear recommendations were given and the next steps were layed out and we were ready to tackle our challenges. Ines had a great part in the success of many advertising campaigns, product concepts or packaging designs. I recommend working with Ines and her team 100%!”

Marketing Specialist at Upfield

Anja Litzinger

“Professional and reliable – but above all, insanely inspiring! That’s a rare combination that’s always a pleasure.”

Manager Market Category Consumer Insights

Gabor Steingart

“I just read the entire Ergo cover story and I’m thrilled. It’s even deeper, more precise, and more original than I had hoped it would be. It’s a boon for our paper and will be a source of debate, not just in the industry.”

Founder of Media Pioneer and publisher of Steingart’s Morning Briefing

Heike Stadler

“I was Ines’ client while working at Unilever, Germany and at Upfield, Germany. We worked in food projects together for brands like Knorr and Rama. Ines is everything you want in a researcher: she understands your business and how the research needs to inform business decisions, has enough distance to see the topics from a different, consumer relevant angle and last but not least the creativity and deep psychological insight to deliver new insights and solutions to the business. I always enjoyed working with Ines, it was never just a research but also a discussion about what to do with it and how to implement the learnings into the business!

Dr. Monika Schmidhofer

“rheingold salon does not stop at analytical results, but goes a step further, providing instructions for optimization as well as strategic food for thought. Added to this is its high degree of flexibility and good dose of charm.”

Marketing Director Dairy Loose

Lisa Ortgies

“Calling for a women’s quota is one thing, but tracing the depth-psychological inhibitions among women themselves – that’s the core competence of rheingold salon. I’m looking forward to the results of our exciting study on top women in the media. The results will go a long way towards advancing the work of ProQuote and upwardly mobile women.”

Journalist & columnist, the “face” of Frau TV

Lilian-Susan Wilke

“In her presentation, Ines Imdahl perfectly understands how to link the psychological dimension of consumer behavior with specific strategic recommendations for action. In the presentation titled ‘Facebook Between Anarchy and Dictatorship’ that she gave at our International Health Forum strategy conference, Ines Imdahl discussed the dimension of Facebook communication culture and the brand management of OTC companies in a forceful, credible, and absolutely comprehensible way, thus providing valuable strategic inspiration.”

Head of Eventmanagement, Wort & Bild Verlag

Christof Rauch

“Collaboration is fun and produces utilizable results. What more can you ask for?”

Leiter Markenmanagement und Marktkommunikation, Versicherungskammer Bayern

Cornelia Ristau

“rheingold salon stands for qualitative market research at the highest level. The institute has a remarkable sensitivity for depth-psychological correlations, which are translated into operationally and strategically valuable recommendations with a lot of practical relevance and heart and soul.”

Head of Market Research, Media & Digital, Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG


New Product Development: Kesselchips – Intersnack

The process: Depth-psychological research from idea generation to market launch. Concept development, name development, and positioning and design development all the way to finalization.

The result: First successful premium positioning of chips on a broad basis. Around 500% growth in the first year. The total market for kettle chips in Germany exploded after the new launch by Intersnack in 2012. All brands and private labels are emulating the success of this innovation. Market momentum still at 60%.

Conclusion: Product development from the very beginning with Lönneker & Imdahl rheingold salon – it’s worth it.

Brand relaunch – Freed from Dust & Vorwerk – Market Award 2015 and Marketing Award 2017

The initial situation: Significant declines in sales forced Vorwerk to take action in 2010.

Our international relaunch support: baseline studies on purchase and usage motivation, process moderation: reviews and key meetings during new product development, design tests, advertising impact analyses & market entry studies.

The result: A new brand architecture marked the beginning: Under the Vorwerk umbrella brand, the respective product brands now stand for the competence fields of cleaning (Kobold), cooking (Thermomix), and flooring. The products were to be characterized by their superior quality and contemporary design. Direct sales were supplemented by e-commerce and social media activities. This was supplemented by the company’s own brand stores in Germany, the number of which is set to increase to around 80. The measures proved effective and brought Vorwerk four record sales years in a row.

Conclusion: A cleanly executed relaunch.

Culture & Brand Study: Trill – Why the Best Birdseed is Too Good

The process: fewer and fewer people are getting a bird.
The bird seed market is shrinking. While the best seed in terms of image and quality (consumer studies, tracking) is losing sales, the competition, which is inferior from the consumer’s point of view, can gain at the same price level. The true background to the phenomenon is being sought.

The process: fewer and fewer people are getting a bird.
The bird seed market is shrinking. While the best seed in terms of image and quality (consumer studies, tracking) is losing sales, the competition, which is inferior from the consumer’s point of view, can gain at the same price level. The true background to the phenomenon is being sought.

The result: Unconsciously, the owners want to get rid of the animals – but they can’t reconcile this with their conscience. As a result, little accidents “happen” to almost all the owners – they leave windows open, wallpaper a bird, the animal gets into the trash can while they are peeling potatoes – which are terribly embarrassing for them.

The inner conflict: I don’t really want the animal anymore, but as a conscientious animal owner I can’t just “take it around the corner.” The bird owners’ solution: they don’t use the best bird feed, but only the second-best, equally expensive feed. So they do something good for the animals – Vitakraft is good enough – but don’t have to worry that the animals will live ‘forever’ eating iodine S 11 grains. Because life extension was the central promise of the feed.

The recommendation for our customer: Of course, we won’t reveal it here.

funny-frisch campaign development with Bastian Schweinsteiger and “Das ist nicht lustig, aber funny” (That’s not amusing, but funny.) – Intersnack

The process: Research, strategy consulting – development and further development of the campaign from storytelling to the claim, and in 2017: research and strategy development for the introduction of second testimonial, Lukas Podolski.

The result: Due to advertising and a depth-psychology-based positioning, it became the market leader within just a few years. The best-known chips claim on the German market right now.