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"rheingold salon not only provides analytical results but goes a step further, delivering executional instructions for optimization as well as strategic food for thought. Added to that is a high degree of flexibility and a great deal of charm.”

Dr. Monika Schmidhofer
Marketing Director
Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH

“rheingold salon stands for qualitative market research at the highest level. The institute has a remarkable sensitivity for depth-psychological connections, which are implemented in operational business and strategy with a practical approach and blood, sweat and tears.”

Cornelia Ristau
Head of Market Research & Strategic Planning
Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG

“I’ve worked with Ines Imdahl and Jens Lönneker for more than ten years on different projects and different issues in Germany and all over Europe. What always impressed me was their professionalism coupled with their positive energy and passion. Moreover, we have always been able to implement the depth-psychological knowledge they generated in operational guidelines. Concrete examples include the further development of “Du darfst” from a ‘low-fat’ brand to a ‘plus in good ingredients’, the European Knorr Meal Maker strategy, the brand positioning of Zurich in Germany together with Ines Imdahl, and the development of a guiding principle for Landgard with Jens Lönneker.”

Monika Schulze
Chief Marketing Officer
Zurich Beteiligungs-AG

“At the end of 2011, we faced the daunting task of analyzing and optimizing our brand architecture and our communications positioning. rheingold salon gave us professional assistance. As a regional company, it is extremely important to us how people here in the region see us, what they wish for, and what they expect from us. In collaboration with rheingold salon, not only sound market research data were compiled and optimally prepared, but a lot of brand knowledge that exists at NetCologne was activated. Through the use of diverse creative tools, professional moderation of various expert workshops, and not least close personal cooperation, the project was very successful for NetCologne and freed up a lot of creative potential and identification with the “NetCologne” brand in the company.”

Judith Schmitz
Director of Corporate Communications
NetCologne GmbH

“In my longtime activity as the head of marketing at Unilever, MARS, and Danone, I have worked on many strategic marketing projects with Ines Imdahl from rheingold salon. Her expertise is rooted in the consumer, in depth-psychological insights, and the knowledge that is generated can be used to enhance the strategic positioning of a brand. The fundamental insights she and her institute gain are based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. I will continue to contact Ines to develop new projects with her. It’s a lot of fun working with her and her team.”

Attila Akat
Senior Vice President
Delhaize America Group, LLC

“I just read Ergo’s front-page story and am impressed. It is even more profound, more precise, and more original than I had hoped it would be. It is a gem for our newspaper and will trigger debates not only in this sector.”

Gabor Steingart
Handelsblatt GmbH

“Increasing the proportion of women professionals is one thing, but ascertaining the depth-psychological inhibitions of women is another matter entirely and the core competence of rheingold salon. I’m looking forward to the results of their exciting study on top women in the media. The findings will greatly promote the work of ProQuote and women who want to climb the ladder.”

Lisa Ortgies
TV journalist – "the face" of frauTV

“In her presentation, Ines Imdahl perfectly links the psychological dimension of consumer behavior with concrete strategic recommendations for action. In her presentation “Facebook Between Anarchy and Dictatorship” at our strategy conference INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FORUM, Ines Imdahl discussed the significance of Facebook communications culture for the brand management of OTC companies incisively, credibly, and cogently, thus providing valuable strategic inspiration.”

Lilian-Susan Wilke
Head of Press and Public Relations / Event Management
Wort & Bild Verlag Konradshöhe GmbH &Co. KG

rheingold salon is grateful for all the kind words and the trust we’ve been shown and looks forward to the future together.