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rheingold salon Marktforschung
rheingold salon Marktforschung

Why the salon?

Because we’ve modelled our agency on the great salons of the Enlightenment – establishments at which the sharpest intellects engaged in interdisciplinary dialogue.

But yet another source of inspiration are the hairdressers, smoking and red-light salons that nurture, facilitate and shape humans and human interaction.

rheingoldsalon is dedicated to the fabric of everyday life, whether that be business or private life.

The salon team is interdisciplinary by nature but possesses slant towards depth psychological expertise.

The word “salon” refers to the agency’s openness and willingness to engage in dialogue with external experts and thinkers.

The salon’s areas of expertise are wide ranging and take in everything from process guidance and support for product and brand development, corporate alignment and strategic reviews, through facilitation and team building to name but a few.

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