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Jens Lönneker

Jens Lönneker

Birth sign:

Scorpio / Rooster (Chinese zodiac)

Place of birth:
innerdeutsches Migrantenkind:
Born in Hannover, grew up in Cologne

Looking, marvelling, changing perspectives, implementing projects.
And especially loving, arguing with my wife and bringing up our children together

Favourite products:
Lindt chocolates, Brooks running shoes, Thermomix, Gerolsteiner mineral water, beer and wine, good food, all kinds of media and well-bound books

Running the business well

2011 founded rheingold salon
2008 won a lifetime membership to Cologne’s ASV Sports and Health Club
survived first tax inspection
1987 founded Grünewald & Lönneker – today rheingold-Institut
1987 graduated in psychology
1985 took part in Cologne’s Rosenmontag parade
1980 qualified as a banker
1977 completed school baccalaureate