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Jens Lönneker

CEO, Owner, Managing Director

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    Place of birth: innerdeutsches Migrantenkind: Born in Hannover, grew up in Cologne


    Likes: Looking, marvelling, changing perspectives, implementing projects.

    And especially loving, arguing with my wife and bringing up our children together


    Favourite products: quite a lot – e.g. Lindt chocolates, Brooks running shoes, Thermomix, Gerolsteiner mineral water, beer and wine, good food, all kinds of media and well-bound books


    Responsibilities: Running the business well



    2011 founded rheingold salon

    2008 won a lifetime membership to Cologne’s ASV Sports and Health Club

    1993 survived first tax inspection

    1987 founded Grünewald & Lönneker – today rheingold Institut

    1987 graduated in psychology

    1985 took part in Cologne’s Rosenmontag parade

    1980 qualified as a banker

    1977 completed school baccalaureate

Ines Imdahl

CEO, Owner, Managing Director

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    Place of birth: Viersen am Niederrhein – in Cologne ‚immigrant‘


    Likes: Running distances of up to 21 km, my children, partying with my husband, writing columns and books – unfortunately, only one so far


    Favourite products: Tesla, formerly: Pampers, 4 children in nappies for approx 3 years each, change them 5 times a day and you come to approx 21,600 nappies!


    Responsibilities: Running the business, ‘design police’ at the salon, the person to blame when things go wrong


    Publications: „Werbung auf der Couch“, was Werbung von Märchen lernen kann (Herder Verlag, 05/2015), Monday column in the Handelsblatt



    2011 founded rheingold salon

    2010 convinced a fantastic team of the salon idea

    2009 birth of Levy, our third son; 2007 birth of Lina, our only daughter; 2004 birth of our second son, Tilman; 2000 birth of our firstborn, Nils

    1999 married my dream man

    1994 joined rheingold for a second time

    1993, 1992 improving employee attendance rates at large companies for the Imar consultancy

    1989 joined rheingold for the first time (then IFM Cologne)

    1988 moved from Rath Anhoven am Niederrhein (a place that’s not on every map) to Cologne

    1986 completed school baccalaureate

    1980, 1982 participated in youth training for Olympic shot-put in Berlin

The rheingold salon team of around ten colleagues consists of highly experienced senior consultants as well as young digital natives. Psychologists and specialists from media and social sciences ensure cross-sector know-how – all of them trained in morphological psychology at our own rheingold academy.