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Then explore the secret logic of the market with us – with Lönneker & Imdahl rheingold salon, one of the most prestigious qualitative market research institutes based in Cologne. Together with you, we will develop strategic implementations based on depth-psychological knowledge, both nationally and internationally.


Wow! Experiences


What really turns us on when we shop


Experiences with a 'wow' while shopping ensure that customers come back and recommend the store to others. Shopping can be fascinating, can be much more than just checking off items on a shopping list. When we are out shopping, we want to be surprised, to have an experience, to fall in love, to be enchanted. In short, we want to have wow experiences.


Attached you will find a summary of our research results.




Youth unadorned


The control addiction of Generation Z


What are the concerns and hardships involved in becoming a man or a woman? How do young people deal with the typical mood swings during puberty or burgeoning sexuality? How do they develop self-esteem and confidence with regard to how they are perceived by others? The development of self-esteem in these turbulent times is the focus of this depth psychologogical-representative study with adolescents and young adults between 14 and 21 years of age, which rheingold salon has conducted for the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association. We were not only interested in the values of young people, but the underlying reasons: Why and how did they emerge?


Attached you will find a summary of our research results.



The Price of Freedom


Why Germans do not want to be free


The “Barclaycard Freedom Study” – Germans and freedom. Together with Barclaycard we tried to find out the significance of freedom for people in Germany nowadays. The findings: Germans consider themselves free – too free – as freedom causes them fears. They would agree to swap their ,big freedom’ as the freedom of choice for little personal ones and they would even sell their freedom – this applies rather to men than to women.


Attached you will find a summary of our research results.