Every business needs a founding myth – here’s ours:

“From the moment we met in 1994, we wanted to work together, and have done so ever since. We value and harness the exchange in our couple relationship to bring lönneker & imdahl rheingold salon forward in an unconventional, modern, fruitful way. Living, having a family, and working – full time – together is not only possible, it’s a model for the future.”

Jens Lönneker, rheingold Gründer, wollte im Jahr 1986 beweisen, dass man mit psychologischer Marktforschung Geld verdienen kann – damals ein gewagtes Unterfangen. Das Unternehmen hatte anfangs nur ein einziges Telefon, bei dem sich eine befreundete Anwaltssekretärin mit dem Firmennamen meldete. Das erste Untersuchungsmaterial wurde gar mit dem Vermerk „Lieferung unzustellbar“ zurückgesandt. Die psychologische Marktforschung konnte dennoch schnell überzeugen. Die Konzepte der morphologischen Psychologie werden kontinuierlich weiter entwickelt und brauchen kreativen Raum; und der findet sich heute im rheingold salon Konzept direkt am Kölner Dom.

Ines Imdahl geht als Gründerin & Inhaberin vom rheingold salon ihrer Lebensfrage nach. Der Frage nach dem Warum. Weil ihr die Philosophie nicht erklären konnte, warum Menschen rauchen, obwohl sie vollständig über die Folgen aufgeklärt sind, studierte sie Psychologie. Heute wollen ihre Kunden wissen, wie  menschliches Verhalten und Erleben zu erklären sind, um gemeinsam mit dem rheingold salon strategische Ausrichtungen für Marken, Märkte und Kommunikation zu entwickeln. Das Menschliche erörtert sie auch regelmäßig in ihrer eigenen WDR TV-Sendung „5 Fallen 2 Experten“. Neben Frauen- und Kulturforschung richtet sie ihren Fokus erfolgreich auf Werbewirkungsforschung: ca. 100 Kolumnen im Handelsblatt und ihr Buch „Werbung auf der Couch“ zeugen davon.

who we are

Founding year

1986 | since 2011 rheingold salon


Qualitative, depth-psychological, morphological market research and strategy consulting, based on the scientific theory of Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Salber, Cologne University.


In the heart of Cologne – directly at the cathedral.

Cologne is particularly suitable as a research location because it is situated in one of the most populous and densely populated regions in the world, the Rhine-Ruhr region, with more than 20 million inhabitants.


More than 25 years of experience in all industries for national and international clients. (At least we can’t think of any industry in which we haven’t done research).

What we do

We make sense. And we make sense for our customers. Cultural contexts influence brand and advertising perception. We constantly monitor these contexts. Conversely, we decipher the unconscious motives that control people’s behavior and experience. Always. Our goal is to decipher complex human structures and enable companies, brands, and markets to leverage them. In depth-psychological research as well as in strategic process support.

What we are

We are many things in one: one of the most ambitious German research agencies, a think tank, and a meeting place. In its continuous endeavor to understand the meaning of human experience and behavior, Ines Imdahl and Jens Lönneker’s rheingold salon draws on a successful avant-garde idea. Exciting, clever minds and thoughts have always needed and loved spaces for exchange, analysis, and immersion. Whether in Paris, Weimar, or today at rheingold salon in Cologne: salons create an atmosphere for productive, innovative further developments – to the benefit of market and media research. This includes numerous inspiring encounters: countless interviews, analysis sessions, events, seminars, television recordings, and, very importantly, eating and drinking together with others. Meaning needs depth, skill, exchange, and a salon.

The concepts developed at rheingold salon are used in myriad ways: in cultural and baseline research, in the development of narratives, in depth-psychological impact analyses around media, products, brands, and advertising, and even in our own podcasts.

The concepts include morphological psychology, the Message Tuner, Verfassungs Marketing, and Narrative Psychology.

why us

our USPs

independent & neutral

We do not belong to any of the big agency networks. Which is why we are always neutral and independent. And our results are “relentlessly creative.”

depth psychology

Our research, even if it’s done quickly, is always in depth. This is reflected by the length of the study. And by the interviewing technique. Qualified psychologists and moderators, specially trained in morphological theory, work for us around the world.


Nothing is better than a good theory. You will not find evaluations based on “gut feelings” or solely on experience at our institute. We adhere to a scientific theory in our research and analyses, the morphological psychology developed at Cologne University by Prof. Wilhelm Salber.

concrete & implementable:

Our results are concrete, detailed, and suitable for direct implementation. rheingold salon also supports in-house implementation and concretization processes based on depth-psychological research.

management supervised

The “chief physician” does surgeries at our company and he has a wealth of experience. Each project is co-supervised by the managing directors & owners.


And we train our junior staff ourselves.
Morphological market research is an exciting endeavor. Everything in our daily lives has its own psychological trade secret. And that’s what we try to find out. With a system and a method.
The rheingold akademie is the further education institution in the field of depth-psychological impact research. Under the auspices of the rheingold group, the academy offers practice-oriented training in brand and media psychology.
The basis of the training at the rheingold akademie is psychological morphology, a theory developed at Cologne University’s Psychological Institute of by Prof. Wilhelm Salber.

Information & applications at: hello@rheingold-salon.de


One person alone can’t make much of a difference. That’s why we love creative and analytical exchange in a team.

If you are sure we should get to know each other, feel free to send us an application.

…a steady job: klumpp@rheingold-salon.de

…an internship: diefenbach@rheingold-salon.de

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