The Founders

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    Place of birth: Viersen am Niederrhein – in Cologne ‚immigrant‘

    Likes: Running distances of up to 21 km, my children, partying with my husband, writing columns and books – unfortunately, only one so far


    Laufen bis 21 km, Kinder haben, mit meinem Mann feiern, Kolumnen und Bücher schreiben – leider erst eines

    Favourite products: Tesla, formerly: Pampers, 4 children in nappies for approx 3 years each, change them 5 times a day and you come to approx 21,600 nappies!

    Responsibilities: Running the business, ‘design police’ at the salon, the person to blame when things go wrong

    Publications: „Werbung auf der Couch“, was Werbung von Märchen lernen kann (Herder Verlag, 05/2015), Monday column in the Handelsblatt



    2011 founded rheingold salon

    2010 convinced a fantastic team of the salon idea

    2009 birth of Levy, our third son; 2007 birth of Lina, our only daughter; 2004 birth of our second son, Tilman; 2000 birth of our firstborn, Nils

    1999 married my dream man

    1994 joined rheingold for a second time

    1993, 1992 improving employee attendance rates at large companies for the Imar consultancy

    1989 joined rheingold for the first time (then IFM Cologne)

    1988 moved from Rath Anhoven am Niederrhein (a place that’s not on every map) to Cologne

    1986 completed school baccalaureate

    1980, 1982 participated in youth training for Olympic shot-put in Berlin

Ines Imdahl

CEO, Owner, Managing Director

0221-860 06-22

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    Place of birth: innerdeutsches Migrantenkind: Born in Hannover, grew up in Cologne

    Likes: Looking, marvelling, changing perspectives, implementing projects.

    And especially loving, arguing with my wife and bringing up our children together

    Favourite products: quite a lot – e.g. Lindt chocolates, Brooks running shoes, Thermomix, Gerolsteiner mineral water, beer and wine, good food, all kinds of media and well-bound books

    Responsibilities: Running the business well



    2011 founded rheingold salon

    2008 won a lifetime membership to Cologne’s ASV Sports and Health Club

    1993 survived first tax inspection

    1987 founded Grünewald & Lönneker – today rheingold Institut

    1987 graduated in psychology

    1985 took part in Cologne’s Rosenmontag parade

    1980 qualified as a banker

    1977 completed school baccalaureate

Jens Lönneker

CEO, Owner, Managing Director

0221-860 06-21

The Team

Christine Liebers

Senior Consultant and BVM Speaker

0221-860 06-61

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    Likes: Living near the Port of Hamburg and Cologne Cathedral, acting out globalization with the international family and close friends, electro / tech house parties, boxing and snorkeling

    Favourite products: Music, all types of communications media, adidas, swatch

    Responsibilities: Research and strategy, further education



    Since 08.2012, Senior Consultant at rheingold salon

    Head of ‘Depth-Psychology Team’ at Ipsos GmbH, Hamburg

    Project Manager, Monheimer Institut, Monheim am Rhein

    Project Manager, rheingold Institut, Cologne

Anja Boenke

Management Support


0221-860 06-30



Sarah Mergelsberg

Senior Project Manager

0221-860 06-44

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    Place of birth: Cologne

    Likes: Fencing, playing music, explore the world, taking the dog Toby out, reading

    Favourite products: iPod, my saxophone, trench coats, chocolate

    Responsibilities: thinking – straightforward and outside the box, asking, doing research and understanding, developping & realizing ideas, and conjuring with Excel now and then



    Since 2016 Senior Project Manager

    Junior Project Manager, rheingold salon

    Project Assistant, rheingold Institut

    Project Management, Projekte & Spektakel GmbH

    Production Assistant, WDR

    Project Assistant, Grimme Institut

    Marketing Assistant, TÜV Rheinland ProductSafety GmbH



    Studied media economics at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences

    Studied Morphological Market and Media research, rheingold akademie Cologne

Erik Mühlfarth

System Administrator

0221-860 06-654

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Marco Diefenbach

Senior Project Manager

0221-860 06-61

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    Place of birth: Bensberg

    Likes: Playing music (piano, saxophone, and any other instrument I can get my hands on), painting, trying out new restaurants

    Favorite products: Mövenpick yogurts, Lindt chocolate, Italian shoes, my Volvo 850

    Responsibilities: Co-supervision and support of projects, analytical thinking, but always diplomatically and in a team-oriented way



    Since 2017: Project manager at rheingold salon

    Since 2015 Junior project manager at rheingold salon

    Until 2015 Training to become a psychotherapist, WGI Cologne

    2011-2015 Music workshops for communities and companies, team building with music

    2000-2015 Freelancer at rheingold salon, INNCH, SINUS

    2000 Completed psychology studies (diploma), morphological diploma thesis

    1995-1998 Student assistant (University of Cologne, Psychological Institute)

    1990-1992 Short “foray” into medical school

    1989-1990 Civilian service at St. Franziskus Hospital in Cologne

    1989 Abitur (school-leaving examination) at Musik-Gymnasium Cologne

Karin Klumpp

Head of Field Management

0221-860 06-85

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    Place of birth: Überlingen/Lake Constance

    Likes: Traveling, cooking, street food from all over the world, literature and English films, cats, trying new things, e.g. beer brewing course, spice seminar, cheese dairy course in Allgäu, house running, stuntman trial course, Segway riding, rafting, canoeing, wellness days at the thermal baths … generally an epicure

    Favorite products: My Kindle eReader, high-quality foods such as Wagyu beef, Murray River salt, Frantoia olive oil, Treacle Moon shower gel “One Ginger Morning,” Lindt chocolate, all kinds of Jack Wolfskin outdoor products, WMF kitchen accessories

    Responsibilities: Project organization and everything related to it, and the ambition to make sure things run as smoothly as possible



    Since 2016 head of field management at rheingold salon

    2003-2016 Establishment and management of quotapoint studio in Cologne

    2000-2003 Studio manager at quotapoint market research services in Frankfurt/Main

    1999/2000 Foray into publishing (as befits a German studies major), first as a trainee, then as an editor

    Studied German and English language and literature at in Heidelberg (magister Artium), in parallel first contact to market research as an interviewer, recruiter, and project assistant at GIM

    School: Abitur (school-leaving examination) in Friedrichshafen

Claudia Schwalm

Field Manager/Project Assistant

0221-860 06-28

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    Place of birth: Bad Hersfeld

    Likes: Watching 1980s TV series, to be wined and dined, doing fun things with good friends, cycling & yoga, shopping at organic supermarkets, being out in nature

    Favorite products: Tea from Pukka, COS, Madara, Nutella

    Responsibilities: Keeping an eye on many things …



    Since 2016 Reception manager/Field manager/Project assistant at rheingold salon

    Previously two years at Hochschule Fresenius

    Six years at PUMA SE as Country Visual Merchandiser

    Studied German language and literature/romance languages/psychology at the University of Cologne

Janet Klünder

Field Manager/Project Assistant

0221-860 06-44

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    Place of birth: The first time in Bensberg, the second time in Madrid

    Likes: My three children; getting wet when it rains; enjoying the heat when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside; eating snow (only in nature protection areas); listening to music from all over the world; dancing; reading; doing Quigong; going for walks; being in Spain…

    Favorite products: organic products, homeopathic medicines (when I’m sick); red wine, coffee, and olive oil: only top quality; Lindt chocolate; regional (organic) products

    Responsibilities: translation, organization, and coordination



    Since 2017 Field manager/Project assistant at rheingold salon

    Previously: German as a Foreign Language teacher; freelance translator; language-related jobs at different companies in Spain and Germany; artisan (when I was very young)

    Translator and interpreter training, training as foreign language correspondent

    Studied Hispanics and English language and literature in Cologne and Madrid